Friday, November 13, 2009

Whipped Cupcakes

Whipped Cupcakes
149 River St
Chattanooga, TN 37405-4007
(423) 305-7755

The Whipped Cupcakes cubbyhole, nestled snugly between and beneath its neighbors on River Street, is like a love affair between shabby chic and Candyland. Faux bucks and paper bees adorn the walls and corners. A neon pink focal wall with line art of birds and cupcakes fronts a seating area filled with bright white tables, each adorned with a clear vase of paper flowers. There's a window seat with fluffy pillows and a striped high bar. A tall case filled with cupcakes sits atop the counter, along with smaller cake domes that showcase the special flavors of the day.

It's a striking look and it works. Whipped Cupcakes isn't just about having a special treat. It's about having a special feeling. It's a place tucked away from the world where you can sit, and relax, and treat yourself.

But seriously, what's with the logo?

Whipped Cupcakes logo, which consists of an arrow and a cupcake in a deadly embrace

I've pondered that lonely arrow, its pink barb protruding ominously from an otherwise innocuous bakery treat. What could it mean? Is it playful eccentricity or a dire warning? Some mysteries, I've decided, are best left unsolved.

The cupcakes are $3 each and the usual beverages (coffee, milk, etc.) are also available. They features a rotating selection (including flavors like mint, wedding cake, and s'mores) along with seasonal and specialty cupcakes. Some are more creative than others. I have to mention the Moonpie cupcake, which is a yellow cupcake topped with RC Cola flavored-frosting and a mini-Moonpie. If that isn't a little bit of Nooga love, I don't know what is.

I was a disappointed to find that many of the cupcakes share the same flavor batter and are only differentiated by their frosting. I tried to focus on flavor that had both a unique batter and frosting.

The pumpkin cupcake really wowed me. It was a perfect balance of moist, sweet pumpkin cake and lightly spiced cream cheese frosting.

The coke cupcake was not so impressive; it tasted more or less like a simple vanilla cupcake with chocolate icing, nuts, and sprinkles, crowned with a soda-bottle gummy. The RC Cola frosting was very subdued and I had a difficult time detecting the cola flavor.

The marbled cupcake had a creamy chocolate & vanilla swirl buttercream frosting. The chocolate and yellow cake had a good consistency. These were available with and without the frosting, though why you'd want a cupcake without frosting is yet another Whipped Cupcakes mystery for another day. Buttercream is something the Whipped bakers do well.

The caramel apple lacked traditional frosting and was topped with an apple glaze and several candied apple slices. It had a coarser crumb, with a hint of apple spice in the batter. Inexplicably, there were chocolate chips at the bottom. I'm not one to question the inclusion of chocolate with any food (well, almost any food) but it didn't strike me as an obvious pairing.

All in all, I enjoyed Whipped Cupcakes. It's a nice treat. For me, the hours (they close at 6:30-7:00) and the limited menu (there are only so many things one can do with a cupcake) mean it won't replace Rembrandt's as my preferred after-dinner stop, but I can see myself stopping by to cure a sweet tooth on a lazy afternoon. If you're prone to cupcake munchies you should definitely check it out.

Thanks to Chattanooga's recent cupcake boom Whipped has a bit of competition (notably Good Dog next door, Rembrandt's in Bluff View and Cupcakes of Chattanooga on Broad) so it will be interesting to see how creative the bakers can get with flavors and presentation. I haven't been to Cupcakes of Chattanooga yet, but I'm eager to see how the two competing bakeries stack up.

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Anonymous said...

Gigi's is the best in Chattanooga!

Wendy said...

Hmmm!! Never heard of it until I was doing SEO for Cupcake Divas.


Sounds like a cute place.

Anonymous said...

The arrow is a play on the cupid thing. (i.e. If you're whipped by something it means you're so in love with it that you can't live without it.) Whipped is also a play on the whipped icing, probably. So yeah, they're pretty tasty little cupcakes.

Anonymous said...

Yes, the cupcakes are delicious if you can afford them, they recently increased to $3.50! Oh, and they never have stamp cards anymore... they tell you they will email you something and it's just a blank sheet of paper that no one remembers to bring. I think it's their idea of phasing out free cupcakes... even though that one free cake cost you 35.00 + tax!